Saying Good Bye To Four Decades Of Friendship


Saying Good Bye To Four Decades Of Friendship

Finally I have had some time to get my thoughts together and create this video in memory of my best friend of 39 yrs. We first met in the summer of 1974 and simply put have been best friends ever since. This video was the hardest one for me create so far  but it is now ready for all to see. Enjoy all and remember if you didn’t cry then I didn’t do my job……..(miss ya bro)

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Some Words From His Friends:

RIP Gary Klever! I will miss your energy, your humor, and I will miss you calling me up saying “what up Amis” I am so glad you stepped up to not only be the best man at our wedding but that you gave me away that day. How fitting that you should do it since you were around when Chris Haney and I dated back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Always love ya Klever! You are in the Lord’s hands now, and we will miss you forever!……Jenna Haney

RIP cousin, Gary Klever. I love ya bro. We’ve had some good and bad times over the past 42years. You will be missed.Gary, i love you. You were my closest cousin. We had some great times over the 42 years. RIP BROTHER SEE YOU IN THE ASSEMBLY AREA…………..Derrick Okeefe

To my good friend Gary you will be missed,you lived life on your own terms, we will ride together again someday, love ya brother god speed………..Jayson Novak

Carrying a heavy heart today after hearing the news this morning. We will miss you greatly Gary. No camping trip will ever be the same without you roosting someone with sand or challenging someone to a race because you think your ride is faster. My heart goes out to his family, I can’t stop thinking about you guys……….Ashley Dom

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  1. Too young to go. Too much life left to live, Gary was one who lived his life every minute of every day, he was full of energy, always humorous and I doubt that anyone who met him would ever forget him.

  2. Gary, Im devastated. You where my cousin, friend, family, beer drinking hell raising ass kicking dive partner, we were blood. I will miss you more than you know. Your “big shoulders” i can handle it positive attitude was infectious. I love you brother, rest easy

  3. I was shocked to hear of Gary’s passing. Below are my thoughts and memories about him.

    Gary seemed to have a nickname for everyone. The nickname he gave me is “junbug”. We used to hang out a lot. We even went on a fishing trip with our daugthers.

    My best Gary story was when we went on a weekend trip to Vegas. He was in his element there. We were driving around in his Mustang and remember us getting lost and ended up in a 2 lane alley. We needed to go in the other direction, but, rather than taking the length of the alley to go around, he decided to spin his car around 180 degrees! I didn’t know it was even possible to do that maneuver in such a tight space! That weekend was a haze with with vague recollections of heavy drinking and visits to quite a few “gentlemen’s clubs”. Good times.

    Gary, you will be missed, buddy. R.I.P.

  4. Gary I miss you so much. with your Birthday just yesterday it reminded of all the goo times we had working in the garage! I miss you brother!

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